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Menina Fortunato

Menina Fortunato, a Portuguese and French Canadian, began her professional career at the tender age of 12 in Vancouver where she grew up. She has been based in Los Angeles, CA since 2001 where she maintains a hectic schedule as an international freelance dancer, teacher, choreographer, producer, wife and mother.


Menina has dedicated most of her life inspiring others through her dance career while sharing the big screen, and big stage with some of the world’s biggest celebrities including Earth Wind & Fire, Luis Miguel, Britney Spears, Beyonce, MC Hammer, Carmen Electra, Rain to name a few.  Menina’s film credits include Nickelodeon’s Spectacular!, House Bunny, Kickin It Old Skool, Crank 2: High Voltage, & Poseidon. Select TV appearances include America's Got Talent, Star Trek: Enterprise, ALIAS as Jennifer Garners Dance Double, NBA All-Star Half-Time Show, The CBS Early Show, MAD TV, Blue Collar TV, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, VHI’s Celebrity Fit Club, Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards.


Menina also has extensive work behind the camera in production, choreography and casting on various projects including AMERICA's GOT TALENT & THE X FACTOR. She is also the CEO of MENINA ENTERTAINMENT that produces music videos, instructional videos and dance events. When she was pregnant, she created PRENATAL DANCE - the first dance workout video of its kind for pregnant women.


Along with her performing career, she's had the privilege of judging and teaching thousands of dancers across North America for over 2 decades and is thrilled to be joining AMBITION's faculty.


She has walked a path that many have only dreamed, and takes great pride in helping others do the same. She has developed a program, The Hollywood Summer Tour with the intention to educate, prepare and inspire serious dancers wishing to pursue a career in the commercial dance industry. She will be selecting a few outstanding dancers and present partial scholarships to her program.


Menina is a very encouraging and positive role model. She has the talent, look, energy and spirit to enhance the quality of today's always-changing world of entertainment.

Menina F



one-day dance intensive experience
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