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Registration Packets must be picked up by a Studio Director, Teacher or Parent during event registration at the workshop. All registered studios and Independent entries will receive a confirmation letter one week prior to the event to inform Studio Directors and Teachers of the intensive schedule and faculty line up.


Dancers / Teachers / Observers will receive a wristband that must be worn at all times during the workshop. Wristbands cannot be transferred.


Observers fee is $25.00 in advance. $30.00 on-site.  


NOTE: The fee for lost Wristbands is $30.00, the best way to avoid losing your wristband is to put it on as soon as you receive it.


Scholarships will awarded to dancers in both levels in all styles of dance. Instructors will announce scholarship winners during the Teacher Feature Showcase at the Closing Presentation


  • We request that all personal items are against the perimeter of the classroom at all times to avoid injury.

  • Videography and Photography is NOT permitted at any time during the workshop classes.

  • We allow photos to be taken in between classes or at the teacher’s showcase.

  • The host hotel, facilities and Ambition are not responsible for any lost personal items or injuries.

  • All dancers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult of a legal age


Dancers are understood to recognize the risks inherent with performing. Participating in the workshop indicates the acceptance of such risks by the dancers, instructors and parents / guardians. Entry fees are non-refundable. 


AMBITION reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to weather, number of attendees or for any other unexpected circumstance. AMBITION reserves the right to make revisions and modifications to city and venue locations.  


Choreographers, instructors, parents / guardians and dancers authorize AMBITION & World-Class Talent Experience to video record and photograph the event and use images for any and all AMBITION & World-Class Talent Experience promotional campaigns. All attendees are advised that photographs and videos will be taken at the workshop.

one-day dance intensive experience
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